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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 22, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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0001 and it's impacting some trav . confusion and delays at l.a.x. tonight. all stemming from a car crash. and it's impacting travelers headed here to the bay area. we're monitoring the situation from our newsroom. sharon. >> reporter: evacuations at l.a.x. tonight three weeks after a gunman shot and killed a tsa agent. an suv crashed outside terminal five at about 7:30 this evening. it slammed into a parking garage with such a bang some passengers thought it was gunfire and ran for the exits. at the same time l.a.x. says it got report after man with a weapon in terminal 4. passenger evacuated from that terminal and officers did a search but found nothing. the all clear was given an hour ago and flights are resuming with you passengers are being -- but passengers are being rescreened before returning to the gates.
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people are being told to avoid heading to the airport unless they absolutely have to. this has trickled down to bay area airports. some flights are two hours delayed. . a little piece of historic oakland gone with the wind. this huge tree was no match for another nature and her howling winds last night. it is one of 200 reports of trees down in oakland, alone. how neighbors feel about losing a landmark. >> reporter: and i'm standing on top of the base of the toppled over tree. people have been coming over to look at from all over throughout the night. i wouldn't recommend that people actually come up here, but i'm standing up here just to give you an idea of the scope of the damage that was done by that wind storm. the aftermath is staggering. >> it's amazing no one got hurt.
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>> reporter: a eucalyptus tree ripped from his roots when violent wind gusts blew it over. >> how sad, completely sad. a piece of history here in oakland. >> amazing to see the roots. the wind was powerful. >> reporter: children climbed the downed trunk like a jungle gym. to give an an idea of how large this area is, you can see how deep the root structure goes as we pull back. to give you an idea you how high the tree's base is now, it would take about five of me to get to the top. the city of oakland got reports of around 200 downed trees after last night's wind storm. near piedmont avenue this tree snapped and came perilously close to following on this woman's home. >> it's okay, it didn't fall on my house. >> reporter: the tree gotten
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snarled in these power lines where it lay cradled for hours. pg&e tried to figure out what to do. crews resorted to carefully cutting the tree. foster was hoping to be back in her home by midnight. fingers crossed. >> that's all i can do. >> reporter: pg&e was continuing to saw that tree apart and have done so successfully and was trying to get power back up in that neighborhood. public works say it's going to take several days to try to clean this up. this entire tree won't be cleaned up at least until next week. bay area high school kids proved they don't need much of anything to keep a party alive. what happened when strong winds knocked out power. [ singing ]. . >> reporter: this is what a dance performance is supposed to look like. last night the curtin went up on
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the winter show in san ramon valley high. when the storm hit. >> the lights went out and we started clapping because we thought it was supposed to start. >> just as the curtin was going up there was a power outage. >> reporter: with no lights and no music there was no dancing. the crowd who paid $10 a piece waited 45 minutes for a generator that never showed. when the dancers decided the show must go on. >> i think the dancers were more concerned about giving the audience something before they walked out the door. >> reporter: in the age of the smart phone who needs pg&e? watch what happens. lit but blue screens, they came out. >> the tappers came out, they made their own music with their feet. it was awesome. they got a standing ovation. >> reporter: a community out-whitted mother nature and warmed the windchill out of the air. it was one for the ages.
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>> everyone who had tickets for last night's show got to see the same performance today as a mattinee at 5:00. a computer derailed the commute. b.a.r.t. traced a problem back to a software update made yesterday to a server but it wasn't until a little after midnight that it started wreaking havoc. it made a mess for those taking the last trains home and shut down the system until 7:30 this morning. >> it's a hassle. so i never know if b.a.r.t. is going to work or not and i hate driving because of the traffic. so it's just a hassle. >> trains got up to full speed by 8:30 this morning. by then the roadways were already jammed with riders who had decided to drive instead. meanwhile, b.a.r.t.'s union say they're going to take legal action over their contract. the board of directors approved it but without a family leave
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provision. the union says that is illegal. a ford san jose state university student is suspended and facing hate crime charges for apparently what happened inside a dorm room. we talked to a student who noticed something wasn't quite right. >> reporter: suite 704, an eight-person dorm at san jose state university, hardly the place for a crime scene. >> it is about four, five police men in the hallway by his door. >> reporter: kyle lives next door and was there the night university police got involved. three roommates are accused of bullying a black freshman for months. the reports said they called him racial names and forced a bike lock around his neck. today a fourth student was suspended and faces the same misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges. >> they seem pretty normal but this was something about them that was different but i couldn't tell what it was.
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when it came out it all made sense. >> reporter: what doesn't make sense to students and university officials is how things got so bad. today the school announced it would host a forum next month to talk about racial tolerance and offer new classes on diversity next semester. it's reviewing its own student conduct policy. the victim's parents are asking for privacy. they released a statement that reads" we are deeply disturbed by the horrific behaviors that have taken place against our son." >> he is a nice kid. i don't know anyone who would want to be his enemy and i hate -- i don't like everything has to go through now. >> they will hold a press conference on monday with the naacp to discuss the criminal charges against the students. hercules is planning to hold a public meeting after a fight at high school there. that ended up on youtube and shows three girls trading blows.
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one of those involved identified as transgender. those involved were all suspended. the meeting is planned for december 2nd to address bullying and harassment. if they are toy guns they should look like toy guns. that's a bill a california lawmaker introduced today. looking at these two guns you can't really tell which one is fake. the bill is being reintroduced following the shooting death of andy lopez. he was shot by a deputy while carrying a replica ak-47. the proposal said imitation firearms should be painted bright colors. the state government confirmed north korea is holding an american citizen but authorities won't confirm that citizen is merle newman from palo alto because of privacy issues. he's been held since the end of
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october. he's korean war veteran as wan wrapping up a tour when he was pulled off the plane. his wife is pleading with the north korean government and says "the family feels there has been a dreadful misunderstanding leading to his detention and ask that north korea work to settle this issue quickly and to return this 85-year-old grandfather to his anxious, concerned family." the nation paused to commemorate 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. [ bagpipes ]. . >> bagpipes played at the end of a ceremony in dealey plaza this morning marking the exact moment that shots rang out. sharon chin on how the tragedy forever transformed the lives of individual americans. . >> reporter: from dallas to pleasant hill, home of the only university named after john f. kennedy, eyewitnesss remember
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the anniversary like it was yesterday. >> it was a chilling experience, one that marked the turning point for me in my life. >> david wallace saw the president twice that day as part of a school assignment, once had he arrived at the airport, the second time after he was shot. >> i went home and saw my mother and dad and we cried. and the world changed after that, the world changed. >> there has been an attempt as perhaps you know now on the life of president kennedy. >> reporter: most americans recall watching it unfold on tv. >> president kennedy died at 1 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. >> reporter: the events made walter cronkite a household name. >> his body is being transferred to an ambulance. >> oswald says he did not shoot
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anybody. >> reporter: cbs's bob schaefer, then that junior reporter with the fort worth star telegram got a surprise call from a woman asking for a ride to dallas. >> i almost hung up the phone, and i said lady we're not running a taxi service here and she said yes i heard it on the radio and i think it's my son they arrested. >> reporter: he drove her to the police station until she got to see her son face to face. on kpix you can watch the news coverage as it happened 50 years ago. it's the at the top of our home page. robert kennedy's killer was
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transferred to a different facility today. he was moved to a facility in san diego. the department of corrections say it was just routine and the fact that it happened on the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination is purely coincidence. . looks like some kind after cop show but the cases are real. how one bay area city is using tv to try to find the bad guys. in line already? why these black friday shoppers say they're not just in it for the deals. it is calm in san fransisco tonight when it comes to the wind but the wind is still whipping tonight. where the fire danger will be high this weekend, and when the next rain moves in. all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it replaces the two old tow rations under one . the oakland airport has a new air traffic control tower. it replace the two older towers and puts operations under one roof. the goal is to improve safety and make things more efficient. most importantly air traffic controllers will be able to see
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the entire airport without anything blocking their view. a grant from the faa helped pay for it. san jose police are hoping you'll play the role of detective. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us how they're using tv to try to solve real crimes. . [ sirens ]. >> reporter: unlike cop shows on tv which always solve the murder case by the end of the hour this reality based program exists because its cases were never solved. it's called make the call san jose. >> please make the call because no one should get away with murder. >> reporter: the program is launching on community based create tv channel 30. it focuses on unsolved san jose killings and invites families on the site with her to humanize the story of their loved ones. >> at least we can is that little bit of peace.
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>> the idea of this is that if people watch this program and have any feelings at all, will be motivated to do something to ease their suffering and bring justice. >> it happens that both of our kids got killed the same year by a random shooting. >> reporter: the first episode goes into two strangers who are friends because of separate but shared tragedies. anthony santa cruz was stabbed to death while walking home from san jose hy on 21st street. >> two young men stabbed him at the corner. he got into an allercation. he walked away. when he walked away one of the young men decided to run after him and stab him from behind. >> reporter: mr. watkins' nephew justin watkins was murdered in a drive-by shooting on may 26th. he was walking home from his job and left behind a three-year-old daughter. >> i want somebody to come forward. it hurts us, especially going
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into the holiday, without justin. he has a little girl who is never going to see her daddy again. so we want to bring her justice as well. >> reporter: the pro gam "make the call san jose" airs for the first time a week from today 7 p.m., channel 30. and the agreement is continue to air the programs until the cases are solved. . october's employment data points to good news for the job market. unemployment fell in 28 states last month. employers add the jobs in 34 states. >>. shoppers are starting to line up for the big holiday sales. josette lester and sabrina pope plan to camp out until thanks giving outside this target store. that will be thanksgiving next week. >> six days from now. >> yes. but they say it's not about being first in line to scoop up the big bargains.
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>> this is our fourth year meeting each other and we've developed a friendship and it's fun and great being number one. >> the women -- more friends and family plan to join them in the coming day. the deal they're most excited about, the 50 inch flat screen tv that target had sell for $229. window shopping got more fun in san fransisco's union square. the 27th annual macy's holiday windows were unveiled this weekend with holiday decorations and these guys. adorable kitties and dogs. they're up for adoption throughout the holiday season. last year 300 pets found new homes through this program with the spca. another sign the holidays are around the corner, the lights along the embarcadero. >> three, two, one, and there it is.
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happy holidays, san fransisco. >> that is the voice of none other than our meteorologist paul diano who got the flip the switch tonight. >> he is here with us. >> did you get to light the fireworks as well. >> i did. i jumped on top of the building and. >> flip the switch and then lit the fuse. >> everybody was watching, that's cool. fireworks are awesome. >> whenever i see those buildings lit up, it's christmas is coming. >> you can be a time warp anywhere around the worrell and you come back here and see the embarcadero center lit up it's holiday. we had the rainfall and now we have the wind. it's not finished for many of you. this is tonight, the past four hours near geyserville, 56 miles an hour. petaluma, stronger than 30 miles an hourment most of you the wind is gone, certainly not in the
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north bay. there is a red flag warning through mid-afternoon tomorrow because the gusty winds will likely continue. humidity is rock bottom. we'll get less wind by tomorrow evening but big fire danger and fires currently burning to the north and east of san fransisco right now. overnight tonight, the coldest whether will be where we do not have that wind. we're talking about fremont, down to 39. on the north bay, down low tonight much the storm that gave us the rainfall is sitting and spinning. today will go down as the wettest day in phoenix, arizona, in the past 13 years and that low is drawing in the wind through northern california. same reason why we're windy today. thankfully by tomorrow the low pressure moves out. high pressure builds in. you will get the sunshine and not have the wind. it will be calmer for the bay area coming up this weekend. what to expect. windy night anywhere in higher elevations. north bay you'll be windy into tomorrow as well.
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over the weekend, sunshine, calmer, our next rain chance is coming on wednesday of next week which happens to be a big travel day. your highs for saturday, san jose 65 with sunshine. palo alto 65 for the big game. 69 degrees had be the high in ukiah. tuesday trending cloudier and rain chance on wednesday spig over into thanksgiving thursday. that is your forecast. we'll be right back. fwlarpz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's what scientists thint look believe . possible precursor to the t rex was just discovered in utah. >> here is what scientists think it looked like. they believe the dinosaur tipped the scale at four tons and was 30 feet tall. it's the third biggest meat eater ever found on u.s. soil. . ahead, warriors, lakers, do i have to say more? got about a minute to talk about it. we'll break it down. ,,,,
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have 14 guys on the roster. are out.... ..injury issues...lead to thin dept . all right. the warriors have 14 guys tonight roster. six are out.
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injury issues, we've seen this before, people! curran didn't play, coaches decision. not even far. the big man pivot move there. lakers shot 55% first half. warriors committed 18 turnovers. to the rack and won. lakers win it 102-95. iguodala left the game with a strained left hamstring. ouch. football for you, san jose state bowl eligible against navy. that's a big hole. that's a big man. 38 yards and in. this is tied in overtime. to the big boys, trueman brock, 49 quarterback, one career nfl start, but they love him. he got a reported 4 year, $16
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million contract today. 7 million guaranteed. >> wow. >> 49ers and red skins. >> can't wait. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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